Sallerton Wood comprises 10 acres of beautiful mixed deciduous woodland which is being managed and utilized in a sustainable way that also benefits the flora and fauna. It has a wide diversity of habitats including valley-side Ash woodland, Hazel coppice, Alder woodland, and a stream. Traditional management methods such as coppicing are practised, often with local community involvement. It is also a place of education for people interested in learning about traditional and sustainable woodland management methods, and the utilization of woodland timber to make craft products. To this end, Sallerton Wood offers a range of tutor-led green woodwork courses to make products such as spoons, spatulas, stools, and chairs. These courses take place in simple workshop shelters within the heart of the woodland itself.

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Contact details for Andy and Jane Morton:
Mobile: 07722 435 964 (daytime)     Landline: 01822 841 718 (evenings)
Address: 17 Chapel Street, Bere Alston, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 7DE
Facebook: Sallerton Wood

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